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Kids Skateboards: 3 Things to Look For in a Beginner Board

September 01, 2020 7 min read

Kids skateboard eggboard type held by 10 years old girl with helmet and sunglasses

 Shopping for kids skateboards can be intimidating. Whether you’re still deciding if skating is right for your kid or you’re ready to get one as a gift, there are a lot of options for new riders. Here at Eggboards we believe skateboarding is something anyone can master. The right board will help kids build the skills and enthusiasm to keep riding safely! It’s important to consider these 5 features when buying kids skateboards:type of skateboard, deck size, wheelbase, trucks, and materials.

Type of Skateboard: What kind of board is best for your kid, skateboards or longboards?

First, understand your rider. While most skateboards willtechnically work for all ages, the perfect board will give them the stability and confidence they need to stick with it. No matter the riding style, they’ll need to learn the basics first. It is crucial to know the rider as well as the characteristics of the board before making a purchase. When it comes to comparing kids skateboards, ask yourself a few simple questions before comparing board specs. Are they new to skating? Are they coordinated and have naturally good balance? Will they be practicing in your neighborhood or carrying it to school? Are they dreaming of being the next Tony Hawk or more excited to cruise around with their friends? 

Traditional skateboards are built for tricks and speed. They have up-turned sides on both ends (kicktails) so they can kick and flip the board in different directions. That’s why skateboards are great for kids who easily find their balance, nail tricks, or even have experience with board sports. 

Longboards are made for cruising and turning. They are usually flat and have different wheels/bearings than skateboards. While tricks are possible on a longboard, they’re built for more stable rides, smooth turns, and longer rides. That’s why longboards are ideal for kids who want to pick up and start riding immediately. On the other hand, longboards are more bulky and heavier… don’t go too long otherwise your kids may need your help to carry their longboard around.


Deck Size: Wide Skateboard Decks are Best for Kids and Beginners

Whether you’re looking for a skateboard or longboard, width is a good place to start. The width of the board can be found by measuring the widest part of the deck. Most skateboards are between 7” and 9” wide. 

Beginners should start on a board that’s 8.5” to 9”. Stability is the most important step to riding. If a beginner feels stable it will give them more confidence— and confidence is key to keeping it up! Narrow decks are great for pros in a half-pipe but not always for kids. Narrow decks can be difficult to turn on and take more power to control. You do not want your rider’s feet to dangle over the side of the deck. Buying a wider board means it’ll last longer too since a grade schoolers feet seem to grow overnight.


Wheelbase Length: Boards with a Longer Wheelbase Feel Stable

Boards with a longer wheelbase are more stable and make wider turns. The wheelbase determines how far apart your front and back wheels will be. More technically, the wheelbase is the distance between the mounting holes on the deck. Once drilled, this is where the trucks and wheels will attach to the board. It’s more important to look at the wheelbase than the length of the board. However keep in mind the length of the board relative to the length of the wheelbase. A board that is long with a shorter relative wheelbase will generally be less maneuverable. 

It is ideal to have a wheelbase length that is close to the length of the board itself. For example, a board that is 20” length that has a 12” wheelbase will be easier to maneuver than one with an 11” wheelbase.A long wheelbase can help beginners with the handle of the board and allows for them to feel a sense of stability when riding the board 

When looking for the right stability in kids skateboards it’s important to make sure you have a long wheelbase. The wheelbase is the distance between the front and back wheels. The longer the wheelbase, the more stable the ride experience. To get off on the right foot kids need to feel stability on the board as beginners. Be sure to look at boards that have a wheelbase close to the length of the actual board. For example, a board that is 20” in length that has a 12” wheelbase will be easier to maneuver than one with an 11” wheelbase.

Lastly, we consider that beginners look at the trucks of the wheelbase, which is the axle that holds the wheels to the wheelbase.Beginners look for trucks that are longer as they are easier to cruise on since the wheelbase will be wider and more stable. It’s definitely a theme that width matters on your skateboard! 


Trucks make the board more stable and safe.

It’s also crucial to consider the trucks (axles) when making a decision on a kids skateboard.. Larger and wider trucks will feel more stable and safe for the rider. Smaller trucks have less stability, but are lighter to carry around. We consider that beginners stick to large wide trucks for a more stable performance.

Deck Material: High-Quality Materials make Safe Skateboards

Deck Materials: 

High-quality materials are better designed for durability and safety. Kids are notoriously rough with their skateboards so look for one that will last.

There are many different types of materials in the construction of a skateboard, which range from plexiglass to wood. We believe that the wooden construction of boards is the best for a first skateboard. 

The highest quality board decks are bamboo, which is flexible yet durable. 

Skateboard decks tend to bend a lot as they hold the full weight of the rider.  so it would be best to get bamboo or a similar wood construction. 


Truck Materials 

Trucks or the axles are also very important to the board, so it is crucial that they be of a lightweight material that is also strong. We believe that aluminum materials for the trucks are the best option because it is both strong and light. 


Wheel Materials

One also needs to consider the material of the wheels which, again, come in all shapes and sizes. There are three kinds of wheel constructions that you can look at, Park and street wheels, cruiser and longboard wheels. Park and street are by far the most slippery and fast rolling of the wheels and are designed for skaters wanting to do flip tricks and go really fast. Cruiser wheels are a similar size to Park and street wheels, but are softer and run smoother over rough terrain. Longboard wheels are the widest and softest of all the wheels and offer a smooth ride over basically any surface. There are many other designs as well, but keep in mind that for a beginner stability is key, so longboard wheels are always a safe bet. 

In terms of safety skateboard safety is usually down to the rider and what rider chooses to do with their board. We believe that for beginners longboards offer the smoothest ride and allow for the best balance, but we also recommend that beginners use a regular bike helmet to begin.

We recommend the Mini Longboard:

To conclude we have gone through three major features, the skateboard width, length, safety and materials. With the advice we have given buying a beginner board will be a much easier decision to make. 

Finally, one skateboard that we choose to recommend is the mini longboard. We are obviously biased, but we feel that the mini longboard really ties in strongly with the interests of kids and beginners. Mini Longboards also have a strong presence in the categories of features discussed before. The mini longboard has a wide base providing a 9” width allows you to get all the width and stability of a longboard with much more portability. The length is short, but with a fairly long wheelbase, making it easy to maneuver for kids and beginners. Among mini longboards, Eggboards are made from quality materials including 3 layers of bamboo, soft 69mm longboard wheels, and large trucks making for a smooth trustworthy ride every time. This board is a solid option for any beginner looking to enter the world of skateboarding, but don’t let us be the only ones to tell you. Look below at the many positive reviews that customers have given the mini longboard. Many of them feel like the mini longboard is a great option for a beginner and at Eggboards we have to say that we concur. 

Remember, buying a kids skateboard is not only an investment, but an adventure. Make sure to keep in mind that simplicity is the key. Stick to the basics.

Eggboards offers a plethora of cool colors and designs we are sure kids will love! 

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Check these Amazon reviews from happy parents and kids:

Great Everywhere Board! 

“I originally bought this board for myself, I'm a 5' 1" female with skating experience. When the board came in my kids (6 and 9) took over and were hooked on learning to skate. Neither of them had previous skateboarding experience but both are very athletic and have great balance from other activities. They picked up skateboarding in a day with the Eggboard. They loved skating so much that I ended up buying a 2nd Eggboard so they can skate together. I also used the Eggboard to teach my 6' 200lb husband to skate. He had no previous skateboarding experience and he was able to learn in a day. Now we all skate and love going on long rides.” 

-Krystal J.


So much fun for the kids!! 

Let mykidsroll around on it for a while and even they enjoyed the board. Looks like my kids found a new hobby after seeing how often they want to go out and play on it. Great design, very durable for any quality street! Thanks so much!!”

-Justin F.


Great starter board for the kids

ought this as an introductory skateboard for my eight-year-old. Very stable and small enough for him to carry around. He loves it.”



Great Product and Quality

All of mykids love this board! Ages 5-13”

-Amazon Customer

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