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RV Destinations Ideal for Exploring with an Eggboard

February 18, 2020 2 min read

RV Destinations Ideal for Exploring with an Eggboard

More and more travelers are eager to beginning to see the benefit of taking an Eggboard on the road with them. If you’re not familiar with it, an Eggboard is a mini longboard skateboard. They’re easy to travel with and if you’re traveling all over the world, they are easy to pack up and take with, especially if you are in an RV. If RVing and Eggboarding are two of your favorite things to do, then you are in luck. These destinations are ideal for exploring with your board.


Barcelona is known as one of the most famous tourist cities in the world. Blessed with mild weather and innovative architects, there are spots all over the city where you can ride your board and maybe even show off your skills a bit. Not only are there wide, scenic paths almost everywhere you turn, but the city is also known for its nightlife, laidback lifestyle, and beaches that are always packed.


How do you even begin to choose spots where you can explore by board in California? With almost year-round sunshine and mild weather, it’s the ideal spot to explore. Whether it’s downtown San Diego, the busy city of Los Angeles, or northern California spots like San Francisco or Monterey. There’s every kind of scenery or activity that you can imagine. The long coastal trails provide miles to glide along on your Eggboard, and I can’t think of any RV trip better than one up the California coast.


Australia is yet another spot that has been blessed with constant warm weather. Spots like Cape Town and Melbourne have become famous for their terrific food, art scene, hip boutiques, and jaw-dropping beaches. Australia is one of our favorite RV destinations. In fact, one of our favorite routes is the coastal drive from Melbourne to Sydney. In Melbourne, hop on your Eggboard and take the scenic boardwalk from St Kilda Beach to Half Moon Bay. That right there is enough reason to visit if you ask us.

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park is filled with trails to explore and mountains to climb. The Zion River Resort, located just 13-miles from the entrance of the park, is popular with both locals and tourists and has plenty of places to roam with your Eggboard. Plus, it’s close enough to the north rim of the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon, where you can do plenty of riding and camping,


Whether you’re coming up north from Tucson or heading down south from Phoenix, Arizona alone is a state that makes for an incredible RV vacation. Some stops along the way that you’ll want to visit include Page (Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon), Flagstaff, Jerome, Phoenix, Bisbee, and Tucson. All offer delicious eateries, beautiful views of both the forest and the desert, and incredible Native American culture. Don’t forget to snack on some Mexican food and pick up some turquoise as you go.