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March 04, 2020 1 min read

STABLE like a longboard, more PORTABLE than a skateboard

Eggboards are small skateboards designed to ride like longboards. Smaller than regular cruisers, short as penny boards but at the same time more stable and solid. Big soft wheels are great for bumpy streets and large trucks ensure smooth rides. Ideal to skate through campus, commute around the city or have a chill ride by the beach.​



A great way to zip through destinations with smooth   longboard-like rides.Ideal for commuting around.

Goes Over Bumpy Roads

Don't worry anymore about rough roads and cracks in the pavement. Big soft wheels provide more stability also on uneven surfaces.

Backpack Sized

It can fit in your backpack, in your locker or under your desk. It's the most compact and   portable longboard.

Light and Compact

Designed to be easy to carry around. Switch quickly from riding to walking when passing over obstacles and crowded areas.

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Eggboards Videos

Eggboards Launch Teaser

48 sec

Eggboards Unboxing

12 min

Carving with Eggboards

16 sec

Ronnie Sarmiento Doing Tricks

8 min

First rides with an Eggboard

42 sec