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3 Reasons Why This ‘Impulse Buy’ Wasn’t a Complete Fail

November 12, 2021 2 min read

Recently I sent an email to our crew with subject "Ok, this was an 'impulse buy'".⁠

I told the story of how I got excited after a first test ride with these new undeglow lights and ordered 100 of them on a whim.⁠

It turns out that this was exactly an 'impulse buy'.⁠

Yesterday I went for another ride and realized one important thing...⁠

When cruising, the vibrations from the road reset the color 😱⁠

I didn't realize it the first time because I just attached the lights to my board and rode to the store.⁠

When I came back the lights were on a multi-color changing pattern but I didn't pay attention to it.⁠

I was too stocked, so stoked that I emailed our manufacturer right away instead of testing more.⁠

The ability to change the color with the remote was not the only reason why I loved these lights, but it was definitely one of the features that got me excited.⁠

I mean, the colored underglow looks awesome, right?⁠

eggboards cruiser skateboards with underglow skateboard lights

So you can see why I impulse bought them (please tell me that you do, I feel like an idiot 😭).⁠

Now let's look at the bright side:⁠

1️⃣ I learned my lesson and I'll avoid wholesale impulse buys⁠

2️⃣ Apart from the above fail, the underglow still looks very good! Only it will keep changing colors until you turn it off 🎄 ⁠

3️⃣ All other features of these underglow lights are still the same:⁠

  • Easy on&off with velcro patch⁠

  • No rattling noiseat any speed⁠

  • Stays in place during ollies⁠

Also, 100 units is a pretty small order. Several replied to my original email and wanted to pre-order them. Now, I understand if you changed your mind...but, can you let me know?⁠

Comment here "STILL LOVE THEM" or "NOT SO MUCH" and let me know⁠

Thanks for being patient with my impulse-buy-driven fails 🙏⁠

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