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Launching Underglow Lights on Dec 1st

November 18, 2021 1 min read

I initially wasn't comfortable with it but we're doing it... WE OFFICIALLY LAUNCH OUR UNDERGLOW LIGHTS ON DEC 1!

This is how they look:

cruiser skateboard with eggboards underglow lights

cruiser skateboard with blue underglow lights from eggboards

I initially wasn't comfortable with launching because I discovered that vibrations reset the lights to color-changing.

I thought that this was a complete fail on our end. But then two things happened:

✅ Our manufacturer developed a new chip that should fix this

✅ You guys replied to my email and want the color-changing lights! 

So we're launching in 2 weeks.  On Dec 1st... we go live!


I took the underglow lights for another ride yesterday. I borrowed a friend's cruiser to test them on a different board.

They change colors constantly... and they look great!

Now here's the thing. Over 1,000 people are reading this blog.

And next week 8,000+ Instagram followers will learn about our launch.

But we ordered only 100 underglow lights at this time.

Cierra here, emailed me last week, and is now on our "first in line" list.

cierra joins our "first in line" list


Do you want us to save you a set of underglow lights?

Drop your email below and email us saying “first in line”

We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as we are live on December 1st. 

See you outside ✌️

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