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This is like "Big Wednesday"...

November 29, 2021 1 min read

I had a phase where I binge-watched lots of vintage surf movies.

Big Wednesday was my favorite.

It's the story of 3 friends in the 60s whose life passion is surfing. After years, they reunite on a Wednesday of 1974 to surf a giant swell.

I love how everything builds up to that epic Wednesday.

big wednesday surf movie

Well... the launch day for our underglow lights is this Wednesday! 😱

So I took some videos unboxing and installing them. In short:

 They are easy to install under the deck with velcro sticky pads.

✅ Impossible to go unnoticed when riding with them. The whole ground under the board lights up!

✅ Changing colors with the remote is awesome (my favorite one is blue)

Fun fact:
for thanksgiving dinner, we added them to the table centerpieces to add some color. It worked! 

I wanted to show you how easy they are to install.

So I made a short unboxing video.

I hope that you like it! ✌️

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