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Most frequently asked questions:

1. Start with your feet aligned slightly perpendicular to the board.

2. Kick slowly with your back foot until you get to speed.

3. Once your board is moving, switch your feet back into position.  

4. Now you are ready to turn. Stay low and bend your knees. 

5. Don’t look down, look ahead of you.

6. Turn gradually your shoulders towards the direction in which you want to turn. Make sure to bend your knees and stay low. Lean gently on the side of the board to facilitate the turn.

7. The board will start turning a little bit. The more you practice the more you will become familiar with turning your board smoothly.  

Eggboards are 19 inches long, so bigger feet may be tight, but can still work. Like this customer on his amazon review.

We have a 30 day return free policy on Amazon and on our website. We will send you a prepaid shipping label to send it back to us and will refund you as soon as you ship it.

Eggboards trucks are larger than most skateboards, so the wheels stick out from the deck. You might not be used to this if you come from a regular skateboard or pennyboard. The best advice is to practice at low speeds and reach further out when pushing on the ground. It can take one or two rides to get used to it, but most people get used to it in no time.

For stopping on a downhill it is best to do the same movement you do when you push the skateboard to gain speed, but with the goal of slowing down. It’s sometimes called the "backwards push.” This video explains it visually at min 1:00.

The 4 variants of boards have the exact same performance.

Eggboards have been tested with riders up to 250lb so they can definitely handle the weight. Our bamboo deck is thick and sturdy and won’t break or bend with higher weights. One thing to check is how the trucks behave under stress. The ride may become wobbly in those cases, and we recommend changing the bushings to harder bushings to have a more stable ride.

We do, but with the inventory in the US, there will be additional shipping costs to your country. You can check in 2 different ways.

1. Search for the Eggboard on Amazon.com, add to cart and add your address in the foreign country. If it works, at the checkout you will see the price that Amazon charges to ship to your country.

2. Check on our website if your country shows up in the list of available destinations. If it does it will also show a shipping cost associated with your country. If your country is not in the list please contact us at team@eggboards.com. We will check for you and add your country to the available destinations we can reach from our website.

Both griptapes have the same grip power and stick to the skateboard deck in the same way.

The Bamboo is resistant and coated with oil that makes it last even when wet. It’s not waterproof, but it won’t deteriorate under the rain. Our concern would be trucks, bearings, and bushings because the screws can get rusty overtime if you make them wet. The rain will eventually make scraps get into the bearings. Our personal advice would be that if it's a rainy day you can still use it carefully, but I wouldn’t plan to ride it regularly under the rain, otherwise, the performance of the board will deteriorate quickly over time.

There are to two main tips that we can give you.

1. Speed. Leaning at low speeds makes you turn much less than at high speeds. You don't have to go fast, but once you gain some speed it will making turning much easier. 

2. Tightness of the trucks vs the rider's weight. The tighter the trucks are the more stable the board is at high speed, but more leaning is required at high speeds. Also a heavier rider will make the board turn more because it will apply more pressure to the side of the board when leaning. If you don't feel like the board is turning it may be helpful to loosen the trucks. You can do this with a skate tool, which you can find on Amazon or asking at a skate shop. Loosening the trucks should help, but don't worry if it feels wobbly at first, just keep adjusting until it feels right!